Privacy Policy for Live TV

Privacy Policy for Live TV
We don't collect any user data that we use in our app, all the user data will be between user and Facebook. 
We use Login Feature to assure that every user who uses our app must have Facebook Account because we are using Facebook Audience Network and for that we need only users who uses Facebook.

18:9 Wallpapers for iPhone, iPad and Android

Having a big amazing screen on phone ? Wondering where to get most out of your Big Awesome looking display ?🙄 Now Don't worry with our 18:9 Wallpapers App you can make your Big display look even more Awesome. 😍
Only App which offers Big Collection of 18:9 Wallpapers. So, what are you waiting for Download the App and GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR DISPLAY!
Not just 18:9 Wallpapers our app offers more varieties in wallpapers. 😉
:App Cool Features:
* Daily New Wallpapers * Big Collection of 18:9 Wallpapers. * 4K Wallpapers. * Superheros Wallpapers. * Stock Wallpapers. * Black/AMOLED Wallpapers. * Minimal Wallpapers. * Amazing Wallpapers ( Wallpapers that you have never seen before). * Set Wallpaper within the app. * Download Wallpaper for future use.

Sindhi Dictionary for iPhone and iPad

Wanted to know what that word means? always wondering wouldn't it be better if i could get meaning in my own Mother Tongue (Sindhi)  Now don't worry with our Sindhi Dictionary APP you can have it . Not just that it's only Dictionary which offers English Meaning as well for better understanding.
* Over more than 23000 Thousand words. * Beautiful Interface * Easy to search any word * Internet Acronyms and Text Messaging Abbreviations * Get Scientific meanings of words as well * Share any meaning with your friends or family just by one tap (for iPhone) * Offline no need to have internet connection * Modern Sindhi Dictionary * Dictionary for Everyone

AI Vision for iPhone and iPad

Didn't know the objects names that were around you ? Didn't know what  that Dog or Cat Breed name is ? Didn't know the age of the person you wanted to know ? Now don't worry your all questions will be answered by our App AI Vision with it you can recognise the objects around you, Get to know about Animals More, and try to predict the age of the person that he or she hiding.
With our advance AI you can do all this with just a tap.
***Object Recognizer*** Recognize the objects around you with one tap.
***Age Predictor*** Get to know about the age of any human male or female.
***Animal Classifier*** Know more about the animals.
:App Uniques Features:
* Cool Voice feedback when it recognise something. * Offline recognition no need to have internet for doing such cool stuffs. * Beautiful Design  * Easy to use (One Tap Functionality)

Live TV New

Paying bills to watch TV? Travailing somewhere and want to watch a Live Cricket match? Out of home and wants to be updated what's happening around the country? Now don't worry with our Live TV app you can do all this and much more 😉
If you are being bored and not at home or out of TV's reach, don't worry our Live TV app has Whole Entertainment Package for your 😉
That's not it, you can Watch Live News Channels, Indian Channels without any hiccups.

* Without Annoying Ads experience just like Real TV (We do have ads but they won't annoy you while watching your favourite channel). * Live Streaming of NEWS, ENTERTAINMENT, SPORTS and Much More. * HQ Quality. * No Lags smooth Experience. <b>* Picture and Picture mode (Android 8.0+) for better Multitasking.</b> * Direct Channel Request (For your favourite channels).
Tip: for entering PIP mode just press home button while watching your favourite Channel.

Updated with Zee Anmol and Sony …

Learn English Grammar in Sindhi Android App

Research says when you learn something in your own mother tongue their are more higher chances that you will learn that thing more easier and better.
That's why we have created first ever Android App for Learning English Grammar in Sindhi so that you can learn English just like a pro 😉.
Don't worry if you don't know Sindhi Language you can still use this app as we have Describe everything in English as well.
APP UNIQUE FEATURES: * Beautiful Design  * Colorful app Design for making you feel more interactive so that you can learn more. * Easiest way adopted for making everyone to understand equally.  * 4000 Vocabulary words. * Grammar. * Tenses. * Irregular Verbs.

Barometer Android App

It's not just simple Altitude and Pressure Barometer App it's more than that 😉. With our app now you can be free and call yourself a EARTHOKNOWLEDGE a person who knows all about his environment 🌍. 
Barometer: Measure Atmosphere Pressure and Altitude around you with just one tap. Live Weather:⛅ With our app you can see weather of your city with cool backgrounds and icons. Air Quality:🏭 See how much Air Pollution is around you and take care of yourself and your family.
* Health Implications.💖 * Cool animated meter.  * Auto location fetching. * Beautiful design. * App Shortcuts.
Caution: Barometer only work on those devices which have Barometer Sensor.